Friday, November 20, 2009

Chapter 15 Chapter Review Answers

Chapter 15 Chapter Review Answers
1. Noun clause
2. Independent
3. Adjective clause
4. Adverb clause
5. Noun clause
6. Independent clause
7. Adjective clause
8. Adverb clause
9. Independent clause
10. Adjective clause
11. Before you buy the sweater-adverb clause
12. whose mother is a dentist-adjective clause
13. who won the speech contest-noun clause
14. that scattered our garbage-adjective clause
15. if you don’t like to paint-adverb clause
16. that she would provide food for the trip-noun clause
17. Until you pay back the money-adverb clause
18. what you game him for his birthday-noun clause
19. that scared even the bravest of us-adjective clause
20. that you borrowed yesterday-adjective clause
21. After we have dinner-adverb clause
22. what the capital of Nigeria is-noun clause
23. which was invented by Jonathan Swift- adjective clause
24. what you said about her-noun clause
25. who climbed the tree to save the parakeet-adjective clause
26. that moved them deeply-adjective clause
27. what happened at the intersection this morning-noun clause
28. If you don’t like camping-adverb clause
29. they would pay our dog’s boarding costs-noun clause
30. who is responsible-noun clause
31. simple
32. compound-complex
33. complex
34. compound
35. complex
36. compound
37. simple
38. compound
39. compound
40. simple

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